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Air Star

About Air Star

Being a high-performance ventilator, the labyrinth venting system AIRSTAR is used in hot and noisy heavy industry, where a powerful, rainproof and energy-free venting is required and which is able to additionally fulfil noise protection regulations, if necessary. AIRSTAR uses the thermal load within a building which arises due to differences in pressure and temperature for natural venting. Standard production is made of aluminium (AlMg3).

An additional locking facility (optional with sealing brushes) avoids unnecessary energy losses during shutdown times. By means of a castors moving in guiding rails the locking facility can be electrically or pneumatically controlled. Additional splitter attenuators can be fitted in an elevated unit base if production processes reach high noise levels.


  • Individual customisation to any building project
  • Mounting possible on any standard roof construction
  • Aerodynamically formed louvres with upturns in the middle and on the inflow side permit a continuous weather-proof ventilation. The accumulated water in the louvres is lead to two collecting gutters alongside the unit and channelled off to the roof.
  • Rain collecting gutters are formed as wind deflector plates, which enhances ventilation during windy conditions considerably.
  • To safe energy during shutdown times louvres can be closed by means of a locking facility. Additional nylon brushes at the locking facility intensify the sealing effect. By removing the wind deflector plates the louvres can be easily accessed for effortless cleaning.
  • Due to the flat design minor area are exposed to wind. As a consequence thereof supporting structures by customers remain restricted to a minimum.
  • Can be fitted with splitter attenuators either on or under the roof.
  • Good aerodynamical efficiency (Aa-value)
  • Individually colourable by powder coating
  • Plinth connection without any drilling holes by fasteners
  • Low maintenance due to simple and robust construction
  • Use of dimensionally accurate cast parts for all brackets.