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The multifunction ventilator MEGAPHOENIX extracts natural warm air via two independently working pairs of double flaps. Rainproof ventilation is achieved via pneumatically or electrically controlled lateral flaps. The top flaps are controlled by pneumatic cylinders with end-position locking and a remote unlocking system or by electric motors. An automatic (independent from any other control system) thermal release mechanism is integrated to open the top flaps in the event of a fire. The aerodynamically formed top flaps and the inner side flaps are equipped with rubber seals. Additionally, the MEGAPHOENIX can be fitted with insect screens. In order to avoid glare, lighting grids can be additionally installed in the system.


The MEGAPHOENIX can be produced in all lengths and widths up to 1,900 x 3,000 mm.





















Field of application:

  • Flat roofs
  • Arched skylights
  • Northlight roofs