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Roda is a VdS-accredited manufacturer of natural smoke and heat extraction systems. As such we have an extraordinary obligation as far as the perfect operation of our systems is concerned.



It’s precisely 50 years since our founder, Vittorio Comunello, started on his pioneering adventure to build a company for the production of components for sliding gates.


GAL Vantilation 

Gal Ventilation has been designing, manufacturing and installing industrial ventilation systems that meet the highest standards of quality for more than 40 years. 
Back in 1964, we built the largest streamline ventilator in Europe and, in 1974, the largest sound attenuated gravity roof ventilator in the world. Over the years, GAL has built up vast expertise in the design and manufacture of ventilation systems of all sizes: from single small ventilators to large-scale ventilation systems.


K + G Pneumatik GmbH

The companies with places of business in Eschweiler near Aachen (Germany) and Sitzenberg-Reidling (Austria) are specialised in developing, manufacturing and selling mechanical, electronical and electromechanical components for preventive fire protection and for ventilation systems.