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Evaporative Condenser Pre-Cooling Unit





How does it works?

FESChill units cool the condenser air inlet of the air cooled chillers with very low cost.Easily installed evaporative cooling pads can be installed to all types of condensers. The cooling pads are kept wet with simple water circulation. The existing fans of the condenser pull the air through the pads and then thru the condensers. The wet pads cool the air to wet bulb temperature, which becomes cooler before entering the condenser. With the cooler air entering the condenser, it Works much more effectively enabling the cooling performance to increase and the energy consumption of the chiller to decrease. The overall working performance ( EER or COP ) of the system increases, while the system and condenser life-time increases and the break-down risks decreases.




















35% energy savings Power up your chillers

Why prefer FesChill?










The cooler air inlet decreases the system working pressure, which creates increased cooling capacity and decreased energy usage.











The savings are illustrated at the above table for Air cooled condensers with and without FESChill unit. As a result of 11c decrease in inlet air, the energy consumed by the Chiller is decreased by 19% and the cooling capacity is increased by 11 %. This allows the EER or COP of the chiller to increase by 36 %. On avarage every 1.8c decrease of air inlet temperature achieved by the pre-cooling pads, increases the condenser effectiveness by 2 %.


35 % energy savings Power up your chillers                                                                       

Advantages of FesCill                                                                           

  • Air cooled condenser does not get wet               
  • Air cooled condenser surface is kept clean, there is no scale formation
  • The manufacturer warranty of condenser is not effected
  • Optimum water usage
  • System Works continuously, does not work with on-off periods
  • System does not generate temperature fluctuations
  • The evaporation effectivness is high ( up to 96% )
  • Operates with minimum energy
  • The system Works with low pressure water
  • Electric consumption is minimum (0.5 kw pump)
  • No electrical and complicated devices other than small circulation pump
  • Prevents pressure loss of condenser by keeping it clean
  • Most economical efficiency increase methodology
  • Easy to aplly and problem free operation
  • Simple and low cost automation system
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Increases the life-time of the air cooled chiller








Evaporative Coolers For Facade


How it Works 


The hot outside air is pulled by existing exhaust fans in the building or by the fans of the FESChill unit through the pads. The cooling pads are kept wet with simple water circulation. Hereby, FESChill unit uses 100% fresh outside air and cools this air to wet bulb temperature with 


the efficiency of up to 90 %.

Moduler design

FESChill units have diffirent dimensions and can be applied all types of buildings with various capacity designs. FESChill consist all the necessary parts of the system inside the module.


The basement (pool) of the unit is stainless steel, the body is made of AIMg3


FESChill units are equiped with high efficient fans. If the building has sufficient exhaust, FESChill units can be used witho

ut fans.

Water circulation

Water quantity controled by the flash valve and circulated with a small pump with very low energy consumption. FESChill unit has also automatic drainage system by electronic drain valve and with a controller “ clean mode “, “ PPM control mode “ or “dozin system” modes are optional. All these systems are in the unit. Thereby unit needs very less space.


The evaporative pad is constructed of special cellulose material designed to give high absorbancy with strong resistance to deterioration. The cross-fluted design continually directs water to the air-entering side, inducing a highly turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum evaporation. Pads are framed by a special aluminium casette thereby, all pads are removed very easly from the unit. It does not need any dismounting.


All system has very compact structure. FESChill unit is mounted to the facade of the building and is ready to work after connection of electric and water.


FesChill unit can be contrlled, on-off manually or integrated to the existing automation system by a thermostatic control panel for operating by the inside or outside air temperature.

Water consumption

Below table shows water usage per 10.000 m3/h airflow (85% evaporation efficiency )




Air supply temperatures

Below table shows air supply temperatures for diffirent ambient air conditions ( 85% evaporation efficiency. 0 altitude )