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Sunvia Vent


Sunvia® VENT natural ventilation units can be operated with 230V or 24V electric, wheather manuel or with a remote control can be operated.

The units are designed for the high requirements of air and water tightness.

The units and the upstands of the units can be tailor-made designed for all specific needs, as well as numerous operation systems and accessories, enable the creation of a functional solution for any kind of buildings veries from industrial building properties to cold stores, and from commercial centres to theatres and offices premises.

SunviaVent ventilators are manufactured from high strength die-cast aluminium alloy frame profiles.



                                       Types of Opening                        


                                                 Single Flap, Hinged from the tip





























Single Flap, Hinged from the middle                    

































Double Flap, Hinged from the middle    























The actuator range is in compliance with Directives EC (EMC,LVD and R&TTE directives ) as Amended

The actuators are avaliable in various models in two electrical supply versions:                                                         
  • 230V-can be supplied with mains power 230-(50/60Hz) (with a tolerance of ± 10%).. with a three-core supply cable.
  • 24V can be supplied with a voltage of 24V with a two-core supply cable




Technical Data Actuators






                                                 Form is the ditributor of Comunello in Turkey





The CE mark certifies that the actuator conforms to the essential health and safety requirements laid down by European product directives. The CE mark can be identified by the relevant adhesive label applied to the outside of the product.

Actuators are manufactured in confirmity with the basic requirements of the following European Directives :

Directive 2006/95 EC (Low Voltage Directive) and following amendments

Directive 2004/108/ EC (EMC Directive) and following amendments

Designed and development have been carried out in coplience with the following European harmonized standards

EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN 60335-1, EN 62233


Rack Systems



On very wide openings, it is possible, having checked the force necessary for opening/closing to connect in parallel electrical actuators and me

chanical spindles to provide several pushing points and ensure correct and constant opening/closing of the systems. Stroke available: 180-230-350-550-750-1000mm   

(550mm and 1000mm models are used on Sunviavent Standard models)




All units can be controlled basically with on/off switches.

For bad weather condition and for automation rain sensor, wind sensor, remote controller can be used with electronic boards.










Opac or transperant multi wall policarbonate (PC) sheet for natural day lighting.







One layer aluminium (AIMg3) sheet (A1) for the places where daylighting effect is not requested.                                                        








Two layer aluminium (AIMg3) sheets (A2) filled with rockwool material for heat and sound insulation.








Dome type opac or transperant policarbonate (PC) sheet for natural day lighting.







Dome and multi wall policarbonate (PC) sheet for natural day lighting and heat insulation.



Panel filling materials and thicknesses can be designed as per requirements



SunviaVent Roof Hatches provide safe and convenient access to commercial building roof areas. Roof hatches have been designed to ensure energy efficiency, weather tightness, water protection, and corrosion prevention. All hatches are manufactured with weather resistant gasketing to ensure long life, low maintenance and ease of operation.









Type Of Operations:

Manually Operated with spindle, Automatic hold-open arm with grip handle release, Pneumatic or

electrical (230Vac or 24Vdc)



The upstands of the units can be tailor-made designed for all specific needs and different kind of roof

type. They are manufactured from galvanized sheet, painted galvanized sheet or aluminum (AlMg3)