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Technical Features

Sunvia Nano offers solutions which enable you to use the natural light in roof-lighting of a variety of places such as industrial facilities, warehouses, schools, museums, offices, shopping malls and leisure centers.


Polycarbonate panels filled with Nanogel ensure perfect thermal insulation.

U=0,9-1,3 W/m2K




Sunvia Nano provides luminous transmittance and homogeneous distribution of light within the building. Preventing glare, it offers superior comfort.


Sunvia Nano has a low weight which provides an incredible independence in architectural design. When compared to insulated glass with a weight of 30kg/m, Sunvia Nano has a weight of only 3.6 kg/m.


Sunvia Nano has a superior acoustic insulation feature.(19-21db)


Sunvia Nano has a special nonflammable structure. It does not cause fume.


Outer surface of Sunvia Nano is UV protected for resistance against atmospheric factors, chemicals and aging due to UV rays.

This is the new technology of Sunvia, offering high-performance daylight solutions for a sustainable design.


What is Sunvia Nano?

Sunvia Nano is the new natural lighting system of Sunvia, created by a special technology consisting of polycarbonate panels filled with nanogel and offering perfect features.

Nanogel is the unshaped form of synthetic silica structured in nano dimensions.

Nano: Refers to tiny particles and structures with a diameter of 20 nanometers. Approximately 95% of the volume of nanogel is filled with air, which makes nanogel the lightest material of the world.