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Troke Smoke and Heat Extraction Systems

Form’s smoke and heat extraction systems provide the fastest way for smoke extraction during fire. The main task is making fire-fighter easier and

provide a smoke free zone at ground level Thus saves human and animal lives and reduces property damages .

- Are the first and only domestically  manufatured and CE certificated Smoke and Heat Extraction Units in  Turkey. 

- Are manufatured high quality, meet 12101-2 standardsand obtain CE certification.

- All heat and smoke extraction systems can be used it daily ventilation.

Features of TROKE

  • Complies with EN 12101-2 standards and has CE certificate.
  • Single sash window system opened at 140or 165angles in case of fire.
  • Triggering unit technology may be pneumatic (cylinder) or electrical (24 V piston ).
  • 230 V or 24 V electrical pistons may be installed for daily ventilation.
  • Provides a glare-free natural lighting when nontransparent, polycarbonate or aerogel filled panels are used (naturel rrof lighting is five times more effective than facedes).
  • All profiles are made of high strenght extrude aluminum materials.
  • Load bearing and impact resistant.
  • Can be manufatured in any desired RAL code for color harmony with structure.
  • Low maintanence cost.
  • Products do not contain any harmful substances and are recyclable.
  • System has its own water drainage (self-drainage). There are not any rubber seals such as silicon, gasket etc. on the outer surface of windows, so there are not any rubber seals affected by the sun.
  • Can be produced in sizes up to 2x3 meters.













Structural Features ; 

  • Troke was made of 6.000 series electrostatic powder painted aluminum profiles and steel parts.
  • EPDM gaskets minimize the heat loss.
  • Junction points do not require maintenance.
  • Complies with all kinds of roofs with inclined or flat bases.
  • Optionally, Troke can be equipped with fall arrest safety grills meeting the safety standards.